Practice Spanish comprehension with Topics you love.

Experience carefully crafted videos for language learners designed for those eager to fast-track their understanding of real conversations, TV series, and podcast dialogues.

Authentic, engaging videos crafted for language learners

Instead of the usual choice in traditional language learning between boring, out-of-context content or hard to understand content made for native speakers, Topics offers an engaging, yet easy-to-understand language learning experience.

Choose from a wide selection of engaging Topics

Discover videos that delve into real-world subjects you're passionate about, from politics to mixology, investing to psychology mirroring what you would typically watch in your native language, but in Spanish.

Easily understandable content

We apply three different tactics to make our videos easy to grasp for people learning languages.

Rich stories, simple words

Even the most complex Topics can be told through simple words. This enables you to explore topics of your interest, despite not knowing many words in the language yet.

Approximate number of words you need to know to understand content in Topics










Gestures, drawings and context

Words that are learned naturally by deducing their meaning from context instead of relying on direct translation, tend to remain in our memory for a longer duration.

Subtitles with translation

By simply tapping on a word, you can reveal its translation. This is an excellent method to clarify unfamiliar vocabulary.

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